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I think I slept for a long time. I woke up in a previously unknown room. I was lying on the floor in some empty room that was all painted black and white squares. It all looked as if the floor, walls and ceiling were made of the same large chess boards. The only thing missing were pawns, markers of chess fields and players. I was wearing a black jumpsuit which was nice to touch. It gave off no odor and was uniform with no pockets, zippers or other extras. I felt like I couldn't take it off. I didn't feel cold or hungry. However, I was confused. I got up off the floor and started looking for hidden doors in the walls. I have not found. The walls were perfectly smooth. I figured maybe there's a hole hidden in the ceiling through which the oxygen I breathe can get inside. Unfortunately, the ceiling was at a height of four or five meters and I couldn't check it. There was silence. So I called out:

- Hello! Can anyone hear me ?!

Nobody answered. It was bright all the time, which meant that a light source must be emitted from the ceiling. However, I did not see any lamps. It was winter, so someone had to supply the thermal energy necessary to heat the room. After all, someone had to build an entire room and make me here. I was wondering about the causes of the situation. "Why am I here?" I thought, "What am I going to do now? How long will I be here? Who is responsible for all this?

Time passed and nothing changed. I waited. I calculated the floor area to be about one hundred square meters. "If there is no way out, you can always go out," I thought, "and this is the simplest solution. My present state preceded my sleep and it was during this that my situation must have changed. Maybe everything will return to normal during sleep." I decided to take a longer nap, lay down on the floor and tried to sleep.

- Hello! Anyone here ?! - I heard someone's call, which suddenly came from above, sounded like an echo in the mountains.

- I'm here! I called out.

Nobody answered. There was complete silence again. I figured there's a second room above the ceiling and someone's there. It gave me hope that I would see a change in my position. I believed help would come from above.

- Open the room and let me out! - I asked.

"I won't wait," I thought, "and I won't call out anymore, but I'll just take a nap. That way I'll kill time."

I fell asleep. At first I dreamed that the vampires had trapped me here. Then that terrorists, aliens, satanists, psychopath, secret agents, and finally in my dream I survived the trial and was sentenced to life imprisonment. I woke up very nervous about these nightmares. I began to wonder seriously who had imprisoned me.

- I'm here! - I heard someone's call, which again resembled an echo in the mountains.

After a few moments, I heard the words:

- Open the room and let me out! At that moment, to my disbelief, I realized that the echo echoed my own call. "But why did I only hear an echo after so long?" I wondered.

I thought about the unusual echo for a long time. "It must be important," I thought, "and I need to know what that means to me. An echo according to the laws of acoustics is caused by the reflection of sound waves off a hard surface. Ships use devices called echosounders to determine the depth of water or detect obstacles. a voice that reaches the observer with a delay of at least one tenth of a second after the sound arrives directly This time allows a person to recognize both sounds At a temperature of about twenty degrees Celsius, this corresponds to a reflecting obstacle at least sixteen meters twenty centimeters away. This means that the hard surface that echoes my voice is hundreds of kilometers away from me. No, that's unreliable. There must be some other explanation for this. "
I started walking around the room and suddenly noticed that a note was peeling off my right shoe. I paused and tore the paper off the sole. It was a note, I read it in my mind: "You won't get out of this place until you come up with a history of philosophy in a funny way." a black square. " It looked like a task straight out of a reality TV show. "Someone is clearly playing with me" - I thought, very annoyed with the whole situation.

After some time I found a pen and notebook. I proceeded immediately to write the history of philosophy in a cheerful manner. I decided to do it in the form of fun dialogues between Dumb and Dumb. I figured they were talking to each other in prison, where they ended up for telling stupid jokes.

- I no longer remember for which hell they locked me up here.

- And I remember. For the twins joke.

- Tell me the joke you came here for.

- I will not repeat myself. I will tell another. I saw one guy looking for something in the dung. Eventually he found it - it was a dollar bill. The overjoyed said: "pecunia non olet" or "money does not stink".

- You have these philosophical jokes. You know what? I wonder if you can become addicted to philosophizing?

- Sure you can. People can get addicted to anything.

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